For a small business owner in Texas

For a small business owner in Texas, getting a permit to sell alcohol at a cafe or restaurant is a major issue. Yet for a dedicated business owner who really wants to see their business thrive, having the right to offer alcoholic beverages in their company can make a huge difference in the cafe’s business and in the kind of customers that company attracts.

Let’s face it, many people enjoy having a drink while dining or going out to relax with friends, so being able to offer that along with a meal or appetizers may make all the difference in whether or not a customer comes in. The rules regarding the permitting process are complex, however, which is why obtaining a permit can be complicated, time-consuming and expensive.

Working The Permit Process in Texas

Knowing how to get an alcohol permit in Dallas TX can be crucial for business owners in the Dallas area. The complexities of the permitting process mean that

obtaining a license can take up to six months. This process can also be incredibly time consuming, which means a business owner has less time to spend on carrying out crucial aspects of their business that need attention.

The solution for many business owners is to retain experts in the alcohol consulting field. There are companies in Texas that specialize in just this kind of work, and who can obtain a permit for a business in just 60 days, instead of six months. The key is to plan ahead. Many experts ask that a company owner call in help early, as in 120 days before they plan on opening their bar or cafe, in order to have the permit in place before the business opens.

A Complex Business

The rules regarding alcohol permitting in this state mean that every city may have different rules, yet the fact is a business owner must be in full compliance with these rules before they obtain a permit. All of this is why it’s definitely worthwhile to call in a company that specializes in knowing every rule backwards and forward.

Call in an expert in alcohol permitting and let them handle all the red tape and rules and regulations. Work smart, so you can focus on the real business of getting your cafe up and running beautifully, permit in hand.


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